Autism Optimism - Vision

Autism Optimism Vision

The Autism Optimism vision is to give the opportunity to those who wish to share their creative insights about autism and related ideas. All photos, works of art and creative writing will be considered for publication. Any author or business looking to promote a publication, service or product can contact the publisher Wanda Lynne young for ad rate information:



Autism Optimism does not endorse any particular treatment, therapy or diet, however, any advertising or sponsorship will be clearly disclosed on this website.


Autism Optimism does not take any particular view or stance on causation or immunization where it could apply to autism related issues. We will give an opportunity for all to share their positve experiences but advertorial style spam or comments will not be tolerated.


The only stipulation for Autism Optimism submissions is that the content must shed a positive light on autism and not be offensive or confrontational in nature.

Questions or comments?

Send them to:


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